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10 Simple Ways to Raise Your Business Profile

If you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry or your locality there are some lots of things you can do so that you are seen as the ‘go to’ expert in your sector.

1. Update your LinkedIn Headline

Are you making the most of your headline? Why put Director or Owner when you have 240 characters to really position yourself? Use keywords to explain what you want to be known for, be clear about what problems you solve and what type of businesses or people you can help. Your headline follows you around you need to stand out and look credible.

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Why are Customer Touchpoints Important for your Business?

Defined as ‘an influential action or contact’, each touchpoint is a message that collectively forms part of your customer’s experience. But why are they important and how can you improve your customer journey?

What are Customer Touchpoints?

From start to finish, your customers will see and encounter your business brand both off and on line, from your logo to your advert, posters or window displays, your website or app, social media sites or on line reviews. Or it could be from a word of mouth recommendation, contact with yourself or your staff in person, on the telephone or online.

Identifying and improving the touchpoints along the way and getting feedback will help improve their experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your customer journey – and happy customers, or even prospects, will get you more leads and sales.

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Sponsorship – showcasing your business

If you are involved in any sort of charity, voluntary work or put on events you will know all about trying to get sponsorship to boost those all-important funds. Identifying likely partners, putting your case and holding your breath as you balance opportunities against deadlines.

But it’s not just for large corporates. As a small business have you thought about sponsoring an event or a worthwhile cause yourself?

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Top 10 Tips for Effective Networking

I could be described as a serial networker, perhaps I just enjoy being out and about but I truly believe that people do business with people they like, particularly in smaller companies when you get the chance to meet the decision maker or influencer. And if you don’t get out and meet new people how are they going to find about you?

But are all networking meetings the same? No definitely not, there are different groups for different people, you have to experiment and find three or four key groups that really work for you. I don’t enjoy the strong sales and recommendation groups but I know others that have attended local groups for years and done very well out of them.

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