How Content and Key Words can make Google Love your Website Blog

Make Google Love your Website

If you want to show some love for your website this Valentine’s Day, here are some top tips to help it soar up the website rankings. As a content writer, not as a web designer, I am no SEO expert but I know enough. This means when I write and create pages for customers I use every opportunity to ensure that those pages are seen by search engines and turn up in relevant searches.

Five Key Tips to Get Google to Rank your Website Higher

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Copy for Website Landing Pages

Good content is so important – it’s why marketers still say Content is King.

Adding content to your website in the form of blogs, videos, articles, podcast or a news article increases your digital footprint and keeps your website up to date. Google (other search engines are available….) loves new content so it will help optimise your website for search engines, hence SEO (search engine optimisation).

You don’t have to write your content or headlines for Google to improve your rankings. Focus on writing clear, concise and compelling copy which should include keywords that are relevant to your audience, i.e. search terms that they use and this will satisfy the Google algorithms too.

Great Content = Better Business

Great content should be a key part of your marketing strategy and it is relevantly low cost if you have the time. The skills can be learned, there is plenty of advice on the web about how to create killer content or you can outsource it to someone you trust. Just remember to be relevant, be authentic, be consistent, understand and engage with your audience. If you find this a struggle – get in touch!


Content Plans for Social Media & Blogs


If you struggle to find new and relevant content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs, I can help. I work with you to develop a Content Marketing Plan and Image Library focusing on your key areas. I research your organisation, your key messages and target audiences and develop a tailored bank of posts or blogs for you that complements your existing marketing strategy. With a bit of thought we can give show your business’s personality and get people to engage.

I advise on scheduling your blogs and social media and how to use Twitter Hours, hashtags and images and meet with you on a regular basis to review, update and amend your content. After a month or two you should be ready to re-use and refresh your Content Marketing Strategy to keep your messages relevant to your audience.