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Why are Customer Touchpoints Important for your Business?

Defined as ‘an influential action or contact’, each touchpoint is a message that collectively forms part of your customer’s experience. But why are they important and how can you improve your customer journey?

What are Customer Touchpoints?

From start to finish, your customers will see and encounter your business brand both off and on line, from your logo to your advert, posters or window displays, your website or app, social media sites or on line reviews. Or it could be from a word of mouth recommendation, contact with yourself or your staff in person, on the telephone or online.

Identifying and improving the touchpoints along the way and getting feedback will help improve their experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your customer journey – and happy customers, or even prospects, will get you more leads and sales.

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Six Simple Ways to Raise Your Business Profile Blog

Six Simple Ways to Raise Your Business Profile

If you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry or your locality there’s some fairly basic things you can do to improve your profile so that you are seen as the ‘go to’ person in your sector.

  1. Website

Make sure your website is up to date, static websites don’t rank well with search engines. You need fresh content from blogs, news and new pages. Prospective customers also like to see that you are active and commenting on trends or contributing useful information to share or download.

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Benefits of Entering Business Awards Blog

10 Benefits of Entering Business Awards

There are lots of community, charity, tourism and business awards launched every year, local as well as national. But when I ask my contacts if they are applying, the usual response is ‘No’.

But there is plenty of anecdotal evidence, articles and blogs research to suggest there are benefits to smaller organisations as well as large corporates. The value and impact on SMEs derived from winning business awards seem to be both short term and long term and there is tremendous PR value in entering and winning an award.

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Communicating with NLP Blog

Persuasive Communication using NLP

I’m sure you’ve heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) but what is it and how can it help you in your business communication?

At a recent WiRE networking meeting we learned some very useful techniques from Claire McKeown, a professional Intervention Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified NLP Practitioner. She explained NLP is a very big subject but she gave us a very useful definition:

NLP is a way of influencing brain behaviour (Neuro) through the use of language (Linguistic) and other types of communication to enable us to recode the way our brain responds to stimuli (Programming) to enable us to create new and better behaviour.

In other words, NLP is way of building up rapport. What you say and how you say it affects other people, you can easily influence and persuade them by communicating with NLP in mind.

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Top tips for promoting your community or business event Blog

#TopTips for Promoting your Event – Part 1!

Years ago, to promote my Charity Dinner I would drive around with posters pinning them to notice boards and leaving them in receptions of local companies. The poster was either unprofessional because it was printed at home or expensive if we had one done professionally.

Today things are so much easier! Social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are by far the cheapest and quickest ways to get the message out about your event. There are a few things that will save you time before you get started:

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